November 25, 2017

The perfect summer night

Welcome to The Perfect, a weekly summary of, where we highlight what you are looking for in an ideal outfit, shopping list, Saturday night or something else. In a commercial landscape where the possibilities are endless, consider this as a complete snapshot of the must-haves.

Ideal date The night has several things in common: an excellent outfit, wonderful accessories and something important. (Oh, and some honest person will come to you.) Small details to bigger, logistical things (practicing wine all over the country?) Is there an ideal offer below?


Enjoy nights with a cup of NSFW.


A good scent – lily of the valley, jasmine and green notes with wood, pepper Akigalov and patchouli – instantly transforms your mood. Prepare a mini version for the update in the middle of the term.


Take a barely noticeable silhouette and add bright details for a sexual touch.


Leave the usual, also known as your bedroom, at night somewhere luxurious, which may or may not include room service.

Gramercy Park Hotel,

a bracelet

Turn the idea of ​​the ball and chain upside down with the golden interpretation of the metaphor.

Tiffany & Co. HardWear Wrap Bracelet, $ 6500;

lip color

For a color that is still fuzzy, try a two-for-one pot (several strands also work on your cheeks) that moisturize the skin.


Reduced to a smaller size, the texture bag is ready for action outside working hours.

a train

You could stay at the dinner at the cinema. Option B: train trip with airborne applications and wine tasting before lunch in the vineyard.


For an overnight stay of a rendez-vous house or drink before going out, a sweet summer red color is a real treat for the crowd.

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