December 25, 2017

Ten color trends of the spring summer of 2018

Take notes and get ready: look at ten trendy colors of spring-summer of 2018.

The trends will have two opposite directions: on the one hand, a strong and vibrant palette that resembles lean images, on the other hand, pastel shades on light and unstructured clothes, for an unearthly appearance. All shades from lavender to pink will be in vogue, with a focus on women’s and completely chic ensembles.

Check out the gallery to see fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris and read all about the sounds that you are wearing and our advice on how to use them.

Lavender: This color will dominate the entire summer season. Romantic and elegant, you can wear it in a men’s suit or light clothing, which becomes more and more at every stage, see Tibi, Michael Kors Collection.

Purple: Pantones 2018 The color of the year is ultraviolet. The color intrigued by its hybrid, mysterious character associated with the seventh chakra, where a man meets the divine. “Experiment” is a word.

Rapture Rose: a shade of blue and princess pink. Designers such as Marchesa or Prabal Gurung combine it with transparent and lightweight fabrics

Sky blue: cool color, creating a serene sky. It’s great for medium or long dresses: Carolina Herrera, John Galliano, Ralph and Rousseau.

Light Green: Green is also returned to the summer of 2018, this time with a subtle and fresh shade. Look at the gallery Baja East, Acne Studios, Marjan Sies.

Military green: now considered neutral color, it often breaks down an elegant or sporty view of military style items.

Colors you should wear this summer
Coachella 2018: street style

Colors you should wear this summer
Olivier Rousteing

But he also rushes from head to foot with a modern woman who faces the urban jungle on a daily basis.

White milk: full, warm color. Nothing to do with white, cool and cyber-like. This shade was applied to light and natural materials on clothing intended for exotic travel (Zadig & Voltaire, Miu Miu, Roland Mouret).

Chocolate Brown: Brown returned to the track. Intense and enveloping, it will be impossible to resist this shade, as it is impossible to resist the chocolate praline.

Yellow: the same color as Uma Turman’s sports suit in “Killed Bill” by Tarantino. Bright yellow and energetic. And a little wildly, think about the pictures of Kandinsky or Matisse. And the return of the yellow for 2018 is closely related to Lila, her complementary color.

Red tomato: absolutely bold and beautiful color. Pamper yourself with juicy dresses, 3.1 Phillip Lim, voluminous cocktail dresses, Alexander McQueen or elegant costumes for pajamas, Victoria Beckham.

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