March 25, 2018

Top 10 London Fashion Bloggers Follow RN

The Internet is completely saturated with fashionable / imaginative instagrams from around the world, but your last episode can only be by someone in your own garden. Since London is one of the “big four” fashion capitals (and blogs are the number one career of any self-proclaimed fashionista), it’s no wonder that our city is awash with domestic and international fashion bloggers. In order to differentiate themselves and their brands, influential people renew their fashion blogs as complex platforms for life, discuss fashion, beauty and travel, as well as photos, feminism and confidence in fashion. by itself. And as the list of blogs continues to grow, we have gathered the top ten London bloggers from London.

Ashley Shuberg, originally from Thailand and moved from London and Sydney, combines her passion for fashion and travel with “Miss Ganner”. In addition to weekly blogs and random vlogs, Ashley forever shows her bare legs on Instagram, a terrific tan and her amazing collection of two disguised parties.

Freddie Harrell

There are three things that make you immediately follow Freddie Harrel: his incredible hair, his big smile and the impeccable sense of fashion. The latter is the result of Freddie, who is not only a fashion designer, but also a reliable adviser who dare to dare with the bright colors, seals and metal outfits that she constantly shares with Freddie Harrel.

Estée Lalonde

After moving from Canada to London for love, Estee Lalonde quickly became one of the most famous influential people in life in the UK. The success of his blog led to the YouTube channel, a podcast series called “His Heart” and a book called “Bloom.” Seven years later, Estee’s favorite theme of relaxing beauty, it certainly carries an eye on delicate jewelry and knitted sweaters.

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Sophie Milner

Independent journalist Sophie Milner successfully launched The Fashionable Slave with her ability to perceive and write music, a platform that touches topics such as relationships, feminism, beauty and fashion. In addition to creating content for her blog and YouTube channel, she co-hosts a series of podcasts titled “Keeping It Candid”, regularly adding branded outfits to Instagram – checkered, faux fur and sunglasses. retro guarantee.

Erika Aulds

Her biography on Instagram is “Texas Rised, London Based,” but in fact, the blogger for the style of life of Eric Aulds is still in motion. Her love of travel and fashion inspired her “Erie Nick”, a blog that offers inspirational content for everyday life – tips on the weekend in Paris and Cotswolds, the best suits from plaid trousers, sweaters and opportunities.


Alexandra Stedman is a professional who creates portable and affordable outfits. An independent fashion editor and a new mom are updating the London townhouse – you can already look at her bedroom, bathroom and the Thrift study, but that does not stop her from sharing her love with coaches and hairstyles.

Lydia Eliza Millen

Dress Lydia Elise Millen almost the same as her bare lips. The life style blogger has an incredible collection of handbags, which includes Louis Vuitton’s Metis Pouch, Peekaboo and Diors Lady Dior from Fendi – just a few names. Lydia loves a good product – her black jeans, white feather shirts and beige trousers are still in her blog – and, as you can see on Instagram, she has a soft spot for neutral tones.

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